Just as you’d never quote someone without attribution, we ask that you attribute Clarabridge Engage when using our data (statistics, user data, etc.). Because not all applications are created equal, we have multiple ways to give the attribution, falling into two general types: General attribution and Contextual attribution.

General Attribution

General attribution is displaying the Clarabridge Engage logo prominently on your application’s default view/screen/page. This can be done by either displaying the logo or offering the ability to connect to Clarabridge Engage via OAuth.

Displaying the logo on a splash page when the user opens your mobile app is acceptable general attribution.

Contextual Attribution

When displaying Clarabridge Engage content, you may give a contextual, visual attribution to Clarabridge Engage by displaying the Clarabridge Engage favicon (16x16, 36x36) or with text indicating that this is Clarabridge Engage-powered data".

Alternatively, you may attribute Clarabridge Engage by clearly linking to the corresponding Clarabridge Engage page for the object you’re displaying in a manner that clearly indicates that the information originates from Clarabridge Engage.

Of course, you’re very welcome to do both visual and linking attribution!

Attribution in Your API

If you offer an API with access to information fetched from Clarabridge Engage, we appreciate exposing the relevant Clarabridge Engage IDs (user IDs, mention IDs, etc.) in your API so that other developers who use our API can seamlessly integrate with your application.

This page is based on the attribution guidelines of Foursquare.