Want to start using the power of Clarabridge Engage in your own applications? Here's a little checklist.

  1. Sign up for Clarabridge Engage
    If you do not have a Clarabridge Engage account already, get in touch with us to get set up as a Clarabridge Engage user and create your free trial account.
    You will need a user account to register applications and authenticate calls. You need an active account to be able to use monitored data.

  2. Register your application
    Go to Applications to register the application you want to build.
    The OAuth Authentication guide has more info about the values you need to configure.

  3. Implement OAuth authentication
    Authentication of your application and of users goes via the OAuth 2.0 dance. A full explanation of authenticating with Clarabridge Engage can be found here.

  4. Know your endpoints
    Depending on the type of application you want to build you might be interested in different endpoints. Check which API endpoints are available and which ones might be of use to you. You can use the API Test Console application to test several API calls and see its results.
    If you can't find an endpoint that suits your needs, get in touch to see how we can help you out.

  5. Handling of errors
    Rate limits, temporary outages, invalid parameters or deprecated functionality can cause both fatal as non fatal errors. Be ready to handle errors and double check to see your application acts accordingly.

  6. Attribution
    Are you taking the Clarabridge Engage API into production in your application? Then we'd appreciate a link back.

  7. Keep an eye on our Changelog
    To stay up to date about changes and improvements to both the Clarabridge Engage product as the Clarabridge Engage API, you might want to follow API Changelog and Product Changelog.

That's it!