Using Qualtrics Social Connect you can build your bot for a single API, and have Qualtrics handle the platform specifics for you.

Qualtrics Social Connect has built integrations with the world's leading social and messaging platforms. Billions of users are using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter PMs, ... and each of those platforms has a different API. By leveraging the QSC API you let us do the heavy lifting to integrate with each of those platforms, and reduce the implementation costs.

Using the Qualtrics Social Connect API documented here and the PHP SDK, we have made an example application that showcases what can be built with our tools. Of course, the use case of your bot is up to you, but this example shows which techniques and endpoints are relevant for you to start building your bot with Qualtrics Social Connect.

What the Demo Application does?

The demo application implements a simple example of a bot, that will respond to incoming private messages on Facebook or Twitter, and ask the user to enter their phone number to receive further notifications. This phone number will then be stored to fill in an opt-in data set that can be used to e.g. send further message updates via WhatsApp.

Screenshot of Twitter Conversation with Example Bot Application
Conversation with the Example Bot on Twitter

Using the Example Application

The demo app is an open source project hosted on Github. You can get the latest version of the app or contribute to it via Github:

To use the Example App you'll need a Qualtrics Social Connect account, and Qualtrics Social Connect Application, and be allowed to access to the direct publishing endpoints. Contact your Customer Success Manager for these details.

View example application

This example app is available under a MIT license.

Build On This Example

If you want to take this Bot Example to the next level, here are some ideas:

  • Use the smart tags provided on the Automation Recipe Webhook to make decisions on how to handle different types of incoming messages (and e.g. route to different types of people). (`mention.tags` is an available field on the webhook.)
  • Enrich data in Engage with tags provided by your bot, by using the "update mention" API Endpoint.
  • Indicate your bot is currently handling a certain conversation by adding contact tags to people by using the update contact" API Endpoint.
  • When your bot is unable to handle a full conversation, escalate it to your agents by assigning the mention to one of the users in the account by using the "update mention" API Endpoint.