Qualtrics Social Connect is a customer care tool for social media. It allows customer care teams to engage with their customers on e.g. Facebook and solve problems in real time. Aside from that, there's a whole suite of insights about their audience that they can access via our platform. If you want to know more about the team behind Qualtrics Social Connect, check the developers home page and read about how we work on our blog.

Qualtrics Social Connect's data and tools can be integrated in your applications to leverage its power. This documentation site will help you set up in no time.

An overview of the data on this site:


Register and manage applications (oAuth clients) to access the API with.


Learn more about how to leverage the power of Qualtrics Social Connect in your application.

  • Step by step guide
    Checklist for integrating with the Qualtrics Social Connect API
  • Authentication
    How to authenticate calls to our API?
  • Endpoints
    Overview of available resources
  • Responses and errors
    Overview of responses and possible errors
  • Rate limiting
    Usage limits and best practices
  • Webhooks
    Get notified in real-time of updates
  • Versioning
    How to use versioning
  • Fields
    Filter out the response
  • FAQ
    A list of common questions and solutions.
  • Tools

    • API console
      Play around with the API with a simple test application
    • SDKs
      Include one of our API Client libraries in your project to make it easier to get started.
    • Bot example app
      See an example bot application built for our API.
  • Changelog
    An overview of changes to our APIs.
  • Attribution
    How to credit Qualtrics Social Connect in your application.
  • How to's

    • Chatbot integrations
      How to integrate bots with Qualtrics Social Connect and our supported platforms.
  • Support
    Get in touch for any request and/or problem.