Returns a list of contacts ordered by

Required Access Token Scope


GET Parameters

Param Description Required Default Value
required_fields A JSON encoded array of fields that should be filled in for the returned contact objects. Possible values: "email", "name", "company", "phone" No
filter Optional filter rule for returned contacts. (Currently only filters of type `contacttag:tagname` are supported. `AND`, `OR` and `NOT`-clauses are also not supported yet.) No
updated_since Optional ISO 8601 formatted date. When set, only contacts updated after this time will be returned. No
page_token Paging parameter. No
limit Amount of contacts to return (default 20, min 0, max 50). No
(int) 20
sort Ordering of the contacts. Possible options: `dateadd:asc`, `dateadd:desc`, `lastupdate:asc`, `lastupdate:desc` No


paged_list of contact items, ordered by