Description beta

Returns the security audit logs for an account.

Required Access Token Scope


GET Parameters

Param Description Required Default Value
date_from ISO 8601 formatted date, defaults to 28 days ago. No
date_to ISO 8601 formatted date, defaults to now. No
events Comma separated list of security events. If empty: shows all event types. Possible values are 'password_change', 'login_success', 'login_failure', 'logout', 'account_locked', 'account_unlocked', 'settings_edited', 'password_reset' No
user_id Id of the user who did the changes. If empty: changes for all users. No
page_token Paging parameter. No
limit Amount of audit log items to return. (Max: 200) No
(int) 20


paged_list of audit_log_item items.